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Hi and welcome to this section which is designed to give you an insight into what your club and its members would receive by becoming Executive Members of the NAMCBC for just £25 per annum.

As a member, your club and all of your members will have access to information on:

  • Other clubs
  • Car, bike and product reviews
  • Legal assistance
  • Money off vouchers for a huge range of goods and days out
  • Features and interviews from industry associated experts
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  • A free goody bag when you join

Becoming a member club gives you a reference point and confidence that you are part of the national association that cares like you do about motoring and motorcycling as a pleasure!


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Sample Product Review

Waterless Cleaning – Good or Bad?


Steve Saunders takes a look at a new way to clean and shine your prized possession.

Waterless Cleaning

For years we cleaned our pride and joy (mainly on a Sunday) with water and washing liquid then along came wax water additives and polishes, glass cleaners, tyre cleaners, wheel cleaners, dashboard cleaners, high-density waxes … the list goes on and before you say anything and email me I know that you can go down to a local car wash that seem to be springing up in every closed down pub car park or shut down petrol station and let them do it, but there still is great satisfaction and yes even pride in cleaning your car or bike yourself plus it can now be quicker. The problem in this day and age is TIME, and that my friend is where a waterless cleaner can most definitely score.

By the time you have driven down to the car wash, queued up and sat there whilst a flock of busy souls clean last week’s grime off one of your most costly possessions you could have done it yourself with a waterless cleaner and be down the pub having lunch!

But it will scratch my car or bike I hear you cry! No it won’t and hears why…


Sample of Other Clubs

ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH DRIVERS, P.O. Box 2228, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5ZT, Tel: 07-000 781544, e-mail: enquiries@abd.org.uk.
ASSOCIATION OF OLD VEHICLE CLUBS IN NORTHERN IRELAND, 38 Ballymaconnell Road., Bangor, Northern Ireland, BT20 5PS, email: secretary@aovc.co.uk.
ASTON MARTIN OWNERS CLUB, Drayton St Leonard, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 7BG, email: hqstaff@amoc.org
ASTON MARTIN ENTHUSIAST, 37 Brockley Close, Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HA, tel: 01460 614660, email: pcooper1@toucansurf.com

Clubs O
OPEL GT OWNERS CLUB, Trevean, Thorney Road, Nene Terrace, Peterborough, PE6 0LD, tel: 01733 212 635, email: julietstratton@btinternet.com.
OPEL MANTA OWNERS CLUB (UK), PO Box 3756, Coventry, CV4 9ZQ.

Clubs P
PACKARD AUTOMOBILE CLASSICS (U.K. Region), 16 Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8LG.
PANHARD ET LEVASSOR CLUB GB, Kilronian, 23 Bradshaw Road, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6PH, tel: 0161 427 1237, e-mail: mikecrane@panhard.ndirect.co.uk.
PANTHER CAR CLUB, 2 Angel Croft, Burntwood, Staffs, WS7 1GN, tel: 01543 278860, email: membership@panthercarclub.com.
PANTHER ENTHUSIASTS CLUB UK, 91 Fleet Road, Cove, Farnborough, Hants., GU14 9RE, tel: 01252 540217, email: george@pantherclub.co.uk.
PAST TIMES, (incorp. Portafold/Ansfold Register & U.K. Airstream Register), 99 Junction Road, Andover, SP10 3JB, tel: 01264 363295.
PEDAL CAR COLLECTORS CLUB, The White Lion Garage, Clarendon Place, Kemp Town, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 1JA, email: pedalcarclub@fsmail.net.


Sample of Legal Assistance

Our Resident Solicitor – Patterson Law


I received an email from an irate member the other day requesting that I help him ‘bring down’ a parking company and its directors for in his words ‘drumming up false claims against him’. Without going into detail about this particular case I thought it would be very useful to you if I laid out some of the basic rights that we have as motorists and motorcyclists have regarding parking and the issuing of fines, it might just save you hundreds of pounds…


Sample of Discount Vouchers




Sample of Travel and Tours


With over 550 cars already booked, the Laon Historique 25th Anniversary is looking likely to break all records this year. With entertainment and dancing from 8pm until midnight and a spectacular fireworks finale! On Saturday, participants collect their rally plate and joining instructions for Saturday’s organized run. Saturday evening plays host to the 25th anniversary Celebration. I have been to this on several occasions and I can tell you it is not to be missed. Getting there is an easy and lovely drive through the French countryside. Ferries or the train will take you to Calais and then it’s on to this stunning setting. You can organize this trip yourself with the help of our guide or there are companies that will do it all for you, it’s up to you…



Sample of Interviews and Features


The former racing champ has spoken out against the current MotoGP system by David Weston

Motorcycle racing legend Carl Fogarty has branded the MotoGP season as a ‘mess’ ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix in Texas (April 11-13). The four-time World Superbike champion has criticised the multi-class system currently in place in the premier motorcycle racing championship.
Speaking to MotorbikeTimes, Foggy said: “I find it very confusing and I know a bit about motorcycle racing.

“But for people watching at home or even people within the sport, when I speak to them about MotoGP even they’re confused by the rules.

“You’ve got three classes in one now in MotoGP which is just a mess to be honest. It shouldn’t be like that. It should be, like it’s always been, that everyone is on a similar bike and [playing by] the same rules.

“But it seems to be like three classes in one now, which is very messy and it’s kind of confusing to be honest with you, which is one thing I don’t like.”

Despite these remarks, Fogarty predicted that there will still be plenty of exciting racing ahead: “Luckily, the racing up front is still good between people like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo.


The NAMCBC Annual Awards


By becoming an Executive Member your club can enter all categories of the NAMCBC awards for the forthcoming year. These are awarded at a ceremony dinner at a different venue around the UK each year. This year’s awards take place in November in Birmingham. All entrees are made by email and are assessed by an independent panel of judges with the area finalists being notified at least two months before the award ceremony.

The categories are:

  • Southern Motorbike Club of the year
  • Southern Motorcar Club of the year
  • Northern Motorbike Club of the year
  • Northern Motorcar Club of the year
  • Scotland Motorbike Club of the year
  • Scotland Motorcar Club of the year
  • Wales Motorbike Club of the year
  • Wales Motorcar Club of the year
  • Ireland Motorbike Club of the year
  • Ireland Motorcar Club of the year
  • UK Motorbike Club of the year
  • UK Motorcar Club of the year
  • UK Classic Club of the year
  • The member who has made a significant difference to a club
  • The UK Club official of the year
  • The NAMCBC club of the year
  • The NAMCBC club member of the year


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